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English version as follows as Japanese.





この事業をするにあたり、従業員の募集も行いたいと思っております。特にお惣菜宅配業もできる限り続けていきたいという思いもあり、このSweet and Naturalに関わっていただける方を募集しております。




2024 has started, and a new wind has begun to blow for me. A lot of things are progressing, and we will be opening a cafe soon. I have experienced that I opened a cafe-like restaurant in San Bruno, 10 years ago, and 6 years ago I opened a restaurant in North Carolina, and despite being in a privileged environment, my mind wasn't ready to have all those things and gave up.

Based on that experience, I thought that owning a physical store would be a waste of time and too much of headache, but I started to grow passion to have store front again. As much as I wanted to open a physical store, considering the practical issues of location and financial aspects, it was simply not something I could achieve. As soon as I decided to put my passion aside, opportunities and ideas came to me. After that, things went quickly from there, and we ended up signing a contract for a place where we could open a cafe. While I am trying to organize the situation and my mind, I am excited about the new world that may open up in the future as I try to ride this new wind.

In addition to providing food and drinks, my vision is to create a space where small businesses can display their products, or where people who provide services can do something, even if it's not just a product. We aim to create a space where workshops and pop-ups can easily be held. Our ideal is to create a place where you can feel free to come, a space where you can feel healed, and where the benefits will be extended to the customers who gather there, the owners who do business with us, our employees, and even their families and friends. I'm holding it high.

In addition to this business, we would also like to recruit employees. In particular, we would like to continue our meal delivery service for as long as possible, so we are looking for people to want to be involved in Sweet and Natural.

Since we are building the store space from scratch, we are also looking for equipment and furniture. If you have any information, know someone who can build a counter, etc., we are also accepting any other useful information or donations.

We will keep you updated for our progress!

Thank you for your continued support!

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