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Braised short ribs

The weather is cooling down finally and stews for dinner are sounding really good. This is one of the very few things that my little boys eat, so I make it often. You can use pressure cooker to make cooking time shorter, but I prefer slow cooking for stews. Just make sure to cook at least 2.5 hours. For the better result, cook it a day before and eat next day! It actually even better 2nd or 3rd day! With this recipe, you can also change the kind of meat. You can substitute with oxtails, cheek meat as well. I think meat that contains little more fat gives richness and depth to this dish!


Recipe 6-8

short ribs. 2-3lb

onion. 2 minced

carrots. 2. Minced

celery. 3stalks. Minced

garlic. 1tbs. Minced

bouquet garni (you can put dried herbs like Bay leaves, oregano, thyme tarragon and parsley in the sachet )

tomato paste. 4tbs

red wine 2cups

beef broth. 3-4cups

salt and pepper

Cut the short rib to your preference. Bigger pieces take longer to cook! Salt and pepper on the meat and coat with flour. Take exceeded flour off. ( For gluten free folks, substitute with rice flour or no coating and this dish will be gluten free!) Oil the pot and sear the meat well and take them out of the pot. Add some oil if you need to and add all the minced vegetables in and cook till get soft. Mix with tomato paste and add red wine. Cook until boiled and add beef broth. Cook until meat is tender(2-3hours). Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with vegetables like Brussels sprouts, carrots, pearl onions, mushroom.....

材料 6-8人分

ショートリブ 2-3パウンド(1-1.5kg)

玉ねぎ 2個 みじん切り

にんじん 2本 みじん切り

セロリ 3本 みじん切り

ニンニク みじん切り大匙1

トマトペースト 大匙4

赤ワイン 2カップ

ビーフブイヨン 3-4カップ

ブーケガルニ (ベイリーフ、オレガノ、タイム、タラゴン、パセリなどのドライハーブを布袋に入れたものでも良い)






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