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Simmered kale(kale no takanafu)

I was going to post th recipe for kale salad, but instead I'm introducing this simmered kale Japanese way. No waste on kale! You make your kale salad and you can use the stems to make this dish! This is a great dish to eat with rice. You can use it as a topping on the rice or make fried rice with eggs and baby anchovies!

May sound wired but when I eat this, I feel so much at home!


Stems of kale(some leaves are ok). chopped. 4cups

sesame oil. 1.5 tbs

sake(rice wine). 2tbs

Dijon mustard. 1.5tbs

Mirin. 1.5tbs

Bonito dashi broth. 1/4cup

Sugar. 1pinch

Soy sauce. 1-1.5tbs

In the pan, saute kale with sesame oil. Add sake and stir together. Add Dijon mustard, miri, sugar, broth and soy sauce. bring it to the oil and turn it down and cook until liquid evaporates.



ケールの茎(葉っぱもok) 刻んだもの 4カップ

ごま油 大さじ1・5

酒 大さじ 2

ディジョンマスタード 大さじ1・5

みりん 大さじ1・5

カツオ出汁 50cc

砂糖 ひとつまみ

醤油 大さじ1〜1・5



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